FUSE-protocol overview

Server -> Client

Server sends commands to client in following format:

MESSAGETYPE is the header for the message such as "CHAT" or "ERROR" and DATA is the message content. They may not contain letter "#". This is ensured in FUSEClientConnection.processFuseMessage()

Client -> Server

Message-packet which client sends server starts with four characters that contain the message-length. The rest is in free format. Example:

	12  abcdefghijkl
Note the two spaces after "12". You never have to worry about this because Lindo handler sendFuseMsg() does everything correctly.

Supported commands with FUSE Light

... will be completed later. See FUSELightConnection.handleClientMessage() and individual lingo-handlers (such as fuseLogin(), fuseRegister()) for how to command the server.

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