Additional features

Disconnecting users, ip-banning

Too often in chatrooms there are abusive people who must be kicked out. FUSE Light provides simple way to do that in secure ways.

In file "groups" you can list users who have right to force other users out. Format is as follows:

These users can send the server fuse-protocol-command "USERKILL username". To other users it does not do anything.

This command disconnects immediately user's connection and assings a variable length ip-banning. Ip-banning means that connections from specified IP-addresses are coldly refused. Ip-bannings are specified in file "bannings".

To understand system better, see class com.fuse.access_control.AccessControl and FUSEClientCommand.handleConnection().


Server writes automatically access-log to file "accesslog" AND database-table "access".

Adding user-parameters

You can freely add user-parameter-types into table "par_type". In fuseRegister() just add a new name-value-pair where name is the same as the inserted new par_type. User-parameters are stored in table "user_params".

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