Overview of lingo-scripts

FUSELight comes with a light testbench-movie which has a handful of handlers to provide basic functionality. Scripts can be found from castlib "FuseScript.cst".


Logon() opens the the connection to the FUSE Light server. Connection is made asynchronously and you have to poll whether global gConnectionOk is true.

DefaultMessageHandler() is called by Multiuser Xtra when it receives data from server. Handler makes basic Fuse-protocol parsing and calls then handleMessageContent()

handleMessageContent() handles messages from server and decides what to do. Extends this handler to add your own functionality.

sendFuseMsg() sends a string to server and encapsulates it in fuse-protocol format.

fuseRegister() registers new user to the server. User data is sent in key=value-format.

fuseLogin() performs login to the server with username and password.

fuseBroadcastAll() sends broadcast-message to server. Message is broken to all clients.

fuseBroadcastToUsers() sends message to a list of users.

secretDecode() decodes secret code from the server. Implements the basic algorithm provided with FUSE Light.

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