Habbo Hotel
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What is my Habbo Purse?
Your Habbo Purse is where all your Habbo Credits are kept.

And what are Habbo Credits?
Habbo Credits are the hotel's currency - they are what you use to pay for extras in the hotel, like diving and furniture for your guest room.


How can I buy Habbo Credits?
There are five different ways you can buy Habbo Credits:

  • by calling the Habbo Credits Line from your home phone
  • by sending an SMS (text message) from your mobile phone
  • by using a Splash Plastic card
  • by using a credit card
  • by sending in a cheque (check) or postal order (money order)

To find out how to use the different methods, you need to look in your Habbo Purse when you are inside the hotel.

Habbos in the hotel:
Check in!


If you haven't been to Habbo Hotel before why not go on a hotel tour?

You'll need Shockwave to check in to the hotel, but don't worry - it's free (and safe) to download.


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