First Run

To start up FUSE Light server go to the installation directory and run "./fuse start".
(to stop it later run "./fuse stop")

Run java with class com.fuse.projects.fuse_light.FUSELight and parameter
In Windows: "java com.fuse.projects.fuse_light.FUSELight"

2. (Only Unix)
See log-file "nohup.out" to see if there are any problems. If everything is all right log-file should look something like:

	02.07 15:00:35Starting Fuse light
	FUSE Light Server v0.5 running
	02.07 15:00:35Database[RemoteStub [ref: [endpoint:[](local),
	02.07 15:00:35Starting connection manager
	02.07 15:00:35Start connectionListener port=35009
	02.07 15:00:35ok..
	02.07 15:00:35FUSEConnectionListener port=35009 starting..
	02.07 15:00:35Accepting connections
	02.07 15:00:35Number of active connections: 0

3. Now FUSE Light-server is running and you should open the testbench-movie "fuselight.dir".

4. Find fields "" and "fuselight.port" and type in the correct host and port which are listened by the server.

5. Now play the movie and type some username and password to the fields and press "Register". Do not use spaces!

6. Movie now tries to contact the server. If it succeeds, it handshakes (encrypts secret key to prevent hackers from making their own clients etc.) with the server and then calls handler fuseRegister()

7. fuseRegister() sends server data of the user to register, most importantly the username and password. It also sends contents of some other fields: see fuseRegister() for more info.

8. If registration fails, the reason is most prorably database/JDBC-configuration. Consult logfile "nohup.out" in the server for details (on Windows, console).

9. If registration succeeds, log in with the same username and password.

10. Now there is a "testbench"-marker where you can "broadcast" messages to all connected users (most likely only you). Fill in message type (such as "CHAT") and message content and press "Broadcast". You should see in the message-box the same message sent to you by the server.

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