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A Perl implementation of the FUSE protocol. This pair of Perl modules (FUSE::Server and FUSE::Client) allow the creation of custom FUSE servers and clients. The modules are available on CPAN.
FUSE Light

written by Cal Henderson

Looking for Java FUSE? It's here.


PUSE is a Perl version of FUSE Light, a multiuser server for macromedia shockwave. FUSE technology and FUSE Light are developed by Sulake. You can find out more about FUSE Light here.

PUSE is a pair of perl modules (FUSE::Server and FUSE::Client) which can be controlled through perl's object interface, making it easier than ever to create FUSE servers and test FUSE clients. By setting custom callbacks, your application can handle and respond to any number of FUSE messages.


PUSE only supports the FUSE framework, not any specific commands, but it is built to be easily expandable, even for people with little experience of FUSE, Perl and Lingo. PUSE runs under -w and 'use strict' and terminates gracefully when you kill it's process. PUSE should run fine as a background deamon.

Since PUSE is written in Perl, PUSE users can use the DBI to easily access any database which has DBI support (which is more or less every RDBMS ever) to handle user authentication and data storage.


Like FUSE, PUSE is provided with the GNU General Public License, so you can modify the code freely.

If you come up with valuable improvements, i would love to hear about them and possibly add them to the core distribution. Just mail me, and i'll take a look.

   Mailing list

There is a eGroups-mailing list for FUSE Light discussion (FUSE, not PUSE!). It can be found here.

iamcal software, producers of PUSE, also have a mailing list here.

   List of main features

- works on UNIX and Windows
- standard perl modules
- FUSE::Server for custom FUSE servers
- FUSE::Client for easy FUSE debugging
- should work on MacPerl (untested)
- multi-database support through DBI
- very very stable
- fully customisable
- compatible with the FUSE protocol

The PUSE server is compatible with FUSE light, but written in Perl.

   Release quality

Since PUSE is a personal project, the code may be messy, bad or not even work! At the time of writing, there is optimisation to be done, but it'll all get fixed in time.

The documentation for FUSE is stored in POD format inside the perl modules.


See below for downloads.


The documentation for FUSE is stored in POD format inside the perl modules.


Release Version Build Status Release Date File Size
FUSE::Server 1.19 1.19 n/a Stable 26th July 2002 4 KB
FUSE::Server 1.18 1.18 n/a Stable 25th April 2002 3.9 KB
FUSE::Client 1.08 1.8 n/a Stable 25th April 2002 2.2 KB
Director testbench 1.0 n/a Stable 25th April 2002 44.5 KB

Please make sure you read the license before using this software!

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Click on the link below to view the Perl FUSE ticket tracker. The ticker tracker is for used reporting bugs and suggesting new functionality. Anyone can create a ticket.

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