Mobiles Disco

Unfortunately barlady Maarit does not understand English very well,
so you should now learn some Finnish to get proper service!

To ask Maarit a drink, just simply say the name of the drink. Maarit
understands most normal drinks like beer, coffee, whiskey in English.
Do not worry if Maarit asks your ID ("Paperit, kiitos" or "Hohhoijaa")..

You can also ask Maarit to invite your friend to mobilesdisco!
If you want to invite your mobiles-friend to disco, say Maarit:
"kutsu alias discoon" (replace "alias" with the name of
your friend). If you would like to invite a new user to disco,
simply say "kutsu [email protected] discoon". Maarit will then
send your friend email.

Maarit also remembers when people have been to disco previously.
Ask her "koska username viimeksi" and Maarit will respond with the visit time.
If you are interested about who have asked about you, say
"kuka on kysynyt mua". She will give you a list of the people
who have asked you..

If you have hard time with our lovely Maarit, you can always ask
some Finnish mobile to help you..

Yours, mobiles.

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