Additional features


From package com.fuse.projects.fuse_light.examples you can find two classes (ExampleConnection, ExampleSQLQuery) which show how to extend FUSELight and implement own sql-queries. Look at these classes to understand how the server works!

To use ExampleConnection, go to and uncomment property "connection.class" and boot the server. This property is used by FUSELightConnectionFactory for constructing connections.

ExampleConnection extends FUSELightConnection and overrides only method projectSpecificCommand(). This command can handle project-specific messages. For the example, there is new command implemented: "QUERYSQL". With this command you can make sql-queries from director to the database.

In the testbench-directormovie, after login try command in messagebox: sendFuseMsg("QUERYSQL SELECT loginname,password FROM fuse_user"). This should result in list of users and their passwords.

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