FUSE Light

Public source multiuser-server/database-integration for Director

Updated: 25.7.2000
written by Aapo Kyrola, Sulake


FUSE Light is based on FUSE technology which is used for example in popular virtual disco Mobiles Disco. FUSE technology and FUSE Light are developed by Sulake.

FUSE Light is pure Java(tm)-server and Director Shockwave-movies communicate with it using a simple text-based fuse-protocol. Macromedia Multiuser Xtra can be used, but there are other network-xtras available for Director which should work too.


FUSE Light provides the most important features of Macromedia Multiuser Server but with better scalability and ability to run it on virtually every platform. Unix-platforms such as Linux are recommended because they are easier to maintain remotely and provide better network security than Windows. Macromedia's server runs only on MacOS and Windows and does not provide any good way to implement server-side logic (using server-side movies is troublesome and not too efficient because lack of multithreading etc.).

FUSE Light contacts to relational databases, built in support for free MySQL is provided with this first release. However, there should be no problems in using other databases with slight modifications. Unfortunately we have used some MySQL-specific SQL-syntax but this will be removed on later releases. MySQL is recommended in most purposes because its perfect price-quality ratio...

   List of main features

- runs on every platform
- user registry and authentication to relational database, ability to add freely new user parameters
- efficient database-object model, JDBC-support
- basic statistics collection (connection time, ip)
- automatic connection monitoring: dead connections are killed automatically
- ability to refuse connections from specified ip-addresses (temporarily or forever)
- message-broking between clients via server (no peer-to-peer connections)
- very stable
- expandable, ability to add server-side logic etc.
- basic security-key mechanism to prevent hackers from doing their own clients

Basically you get most features of Macromedia Multiuser Server plus the ability to write new features to the server. This is essential for doing for example multiuser-games or virtual spaces.

Some features not present compared to Macromedia Multiuser Server
- binary messages (cast members etc.)
- connection grouping (someone want to implement?)
- peer-to-peer connections


FUSE Light is provided with GNU General Public License. So you can modify the code freely.

However, if you do valuable general improvements, we would be pleased to hear about them and maybe publish on this page! Write Aapo Kyrölä ([email protected]), managing director of Sulake about new developments and other comments!

   Release quality

Since FUSE Light is stripped from the complex FUSE technology architecture it may seem complex and cumbersome. Especially the database-object system is probably too complex for these purposes but I hope you learn to use it..

Documentation is not good but everyone is free to improve it!

   Mailing list

There is a eGroups-mailing list for questions, comments and other stuff of FUSE Light. It can be found here.


Before downloading, be sure to read and understand the license!

(updated 29.1.2001)
Server side binaries and source: download
Director testbench: download

Thanks for Aeron Glemann for improvement of the testbench-scripts!


We are not yet able to provide best quality documentation for FUSE Light, but you should get into beginning with these...

First Run
Overview of the Java classes
Overview of Lingo-scripts
Overview of FUSE-protocol and commands
Additional features

New: Example code

Automatically generated JavaDOC-documentation

Company Sulake

Sulake was founded in May 2000 to develop and utilize its FUSE technology which is used for running multiuser virtual spaces. Currently the best and only public service using this technology is Mobiles Disco. To download a PDF about FUSE Server technology, click here.

Sulake is based in Helsinki, Finland and owned by original creators of FUSE ( Aapo Kyrölä and Sampo Karjalainen) and advertising agency Taivas.


If you are a talented Java- or/and Lingo-programmer, please contact us! We provide very interesting opportunities and unique projects.


Managing Director, technology Aapo Kyrölä
Creative Director Sampo Karjalainen

Postal address: Unioninkatu 15 / 00130 Helsinki / FINLAND
Phone: +358-9-666 266
Telefax: +358-9-666 326